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Research Institutions And Platforms

Scientific research institutions and platforms are specific institutions responsible for scientific research in schools. They are essential bases for gathering and cultivating outstanding scientific and technological talents, deploying advanced scientific research equipment, conducting high-level academic exchanges, and producing high-level scientific research results. They occupy a core position in the school's academic system.


Since its establishment, SUSTech has built and is building 58 scientific research platforms at various levels, including one national research platform, 19 provincial and ministerial research platforms, 36 municipal research platforms, and two district-level research platforms. There are six scientific research institutions under construction. The Grubbs Research Institute, International Center for Mathematics, and Sifakis Research Institute of Trustworthy Autonomous Systems were all approved by the Shenzhen Nobel Prize Scientist Laboratory. The Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering is one of the ten basic research institutions approved by Shenzhen.